Tim Martini
Guitars, Lead Vocals
Tim plays with Gibson guitars with Marshall Amps.
Tim is an original member of Badstone. He has played the regional rock scene for many years with such bands as; Sal, Major, Brass Knuckle, and Kramm to name a few. He is also involved with his brother Gregg, as the lead vocalist in the original project "Martini".
Gregg Martini
Guitars, Vocals
Gregg plays with Gibson guitars with Marshall Amps. Gregg joined Badstone when the band reformed in 1993. Gregg has played the regional rock scene for quite a few years with such bands as Brass Knuckle and Gargantua to name a few. He is also involved in several song writing projects. Please visit for more details.
Sami Day
Drums, Vocals
Sami plays with Pearl drums.
Sami officially joined Badstone in 2016. Even though she became an official member then, she had been playing with Badstone as a guest since she was in first grade. Sami percussion talents were discovered at a young age being surrounded by music and musicians. Her grandpa Tim Burris (Badstone Drummer Emeritus) played a key role in Sami's development as she would often play songs with the band as a child. She took over full time duties as Badstone's drummer when Tim retired from the band in 2016. Sami other musical talents include playing 6 string guitar and bass. She also plays in her own acoustic band Fueled By Crown.
Scott Smalley
Bass Guitar, Vocals
Scott is the newest member of Badstone joining the band in 2022. Scott has been a successful musician for decades mainly playing in rock bands from Ohio through Florida. Part of Scott's resume includes playing bass and lead vocals in American Grease, Real Steel and the Power Cats to name a few. Scott still is active in other music projects including Electric Mud and is often the busiest playing solo acoustic gigs. Scott is also an accomplished drummer.
Tim Burris (Drummer Emeritus)
Drums, Vocals
Tim plays with Pearl drums.
Tim has played the regional rock scene for quite a few years before joining Badstone in 2000. Some of the bands Tim played with included Tight Rope, Scotch Bonnet and Spectrum. Tim had anchored Badstone for a 16 year stint. During that time he helped his granddaughter Sami Day develop into a talented drummer. At the end of 2016 Tim decided to hand over the full time drumming duties to Sami. Tim remains as the full time drummer for Martini & Russo and will likely occasionally fill in for Badstone. Tim is Drummer Emeritus for Badstone.